COVID-19 Announcement

At basco brunswick, we pride ourselves on the health, safety and well being of all our guests and staff. fdsfdsfdsf

Being in the food industry, cleanliness and hygiene has always been our top priority in both front and back of house and with concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is even more important.

We continue to closely monitor the ongoing pandemic and how it relates to all Australians and we will be following the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health.

In preparation of reopening in October, 2021, here is how we are taking extra precautions at basco:

  • We have increased the number of hand sanitisers available at the venue which are located in the bar areas.  Antibacterial hand washers are placed in all our wash rooms and hand wash stations for staff
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning of all high touch areas with antibacterial disinfectant and sanitiser, including bar surfaces, eftpos terminals, touchscreen monitors, dining tables, door handles, bathrooms and kitchen areas
  • High visibility signage to advise all guests and staff to wash and sanitise their hands
  • Contactless delivery available with drivers wearing masks and carrying hand sanitisers
  • Updated and approved COVIDsafe plan for guests and staff

What can you do to help?

  • Advise friends and family who may be vulnerable to this virus (compromised immune system, young children and the elderly) to reconsider in not attending the venue
  • If you are feeling unwell, experiencing respiratory and/or flu like symptoms (including fever and cough), we ask that you do not attend the venue and more importantly seek immediate medical attention.
  • Contact all your guests on the day to remind them not to attend the venue if they are feeling unwell or come into contact with someone that is ill.
  • Please monitor your health and be vigilant of any signs that you may not be well such as a cough, sore throat and/or fever.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly (20+ second rule/sing your ABCs) and use hand sanitisers regularly.

We ask that all our guests and staff take care of themselves.  Avoid close contact with anyone with respiratory, cold or flu like symptoms. Keep hydrated and eat well, get plenty of rest, and practice good general hygiene habits.

Practise good hygiene by sneezing into your elbow or a tissue, dispose of the tissue, wash your hands and use sanitiser

If you have any queries or concerns please call us on 93801133.

We look forward to welcoming you to basco brunswick soon.